Prior to starting his own firm, Michael D. Rust worked for Taliesin Architects, the successor firm to Frank Lloyd Wright, which started in 1959. The Taliesin staff included engineers, certified planners, landscape architects, interior designers and an ADA consultant. Committed to creating visionary buildings based on the organic principles first espoused by Wright, Taliesin Architects completed more than 2,000 projects throughout the United States and abroad. Projects included religious facilities; mixed-use master plans; civic and governmental facilities; community centers; arts, education and healthcare facilities; industrial, corporate, retail and commercial buildings; clubhouses; resorts; hotels; restaurants; and residences.

While enrolled in the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Michael Rust worked on many of the above mentioned building types while serving on architectural teams managed by John Rattenbury and William Wesley Peters, both original apprentices of Mr. Wright. With registrations to practice architecture in Arizona and California, Michael Rust has focused his private practice on designing custom residential and commercial projects for the past 12 years.

Architectural Experience:

Michael Rust Architect LLC was formed in 2001 as a Chandler, Arizona-based architectural design company committed to providing custom design work and delivering Frank Llyod Wright plans that result in amazing Wright inspired residences and commercial building. Michael previously headed RDS (Rust Design Services), which was founded as a division of Nesco Mfg. Inc. Michael provided several custom residential and commercial designs and was actively involved as a project manager for large subcontractor design and installation projects contracted by Nesco Mfg. Inc. RDS was purchased by Taliesin Architects in 1998.

Registered Architect:

Michael Rust is registered as an architect in Arizona, California, and Florida. Since most states do not require a licensed architect within the state to design residential and small commercial structures, Michael, as a green architect can work with clients nationally. If licensing is needed, Michael provides this requirement through his partnering architects.

Michael Rust Education:

Michael Rust’s interest in organic architecture evolved directly from his training. After attending Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, where he studied, architectural design, civil construction and worked as a draftsman for a local modular home company, he was accepted to the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture in 1982.

Michael worked on more than 300 projects during his nine-year apprenticeship. In 1989, he was the third person to receive an accredited Master’s degree fro the school. One year later he became the youngest person to join The Taliesin Senior Fellowship staff. Mike continued his training as a project architect for Taliesin Associated Architects for another 3 years after receiving his degree. His focus during this time was coordinating the design and overseeing the construction of Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design of a 23,000,000 golf course clubhouse in Maui. Today this building is known as The King Kamehamha Golf Clubhouse.

Today Michael Rust provides custom architectural and interior design services based on the organic principals of architecture he learned from the original apprentices of Frank Lloyd Wright. Michael provides these services to individuals and businesses all across the US.