Dear Mike,

First, we are delighted with our new home. When we began this project Ashley and I had agreed that we liked Frank Lloyd Wright architecture a great deal. We also knew that our local architects were not designing homes like this.

On the other hand, finding an architect who could design in this style and doing a project like this a few thousand miles away is a scary thought. We are very pleased with the way we were able to work with you to get this done from afar. Our contractor had better support from you than he gets on many local projects.

From the light decks to the wide overhangs to the compressions and expansions as well as the inside to outside “organic feel” everyone who sees the house is awed by it. Most refer to the house as very comfortable feeling.

We were happy to see so many FLW/Mike Rust features put into the house and these were able to match up well with new technologies like LED lighting and infloor heating. The cantilevered covered carport with heated concrete slab underneath will make the snow so much easier to handle!

The slope of this property and close proximity of neighbors and golf course made the design and placement of this house very challenging. We are very glad to have chosen you as our architect for this difficult task and the results are very rewarding – you should be very proud of this work.

If you would like any potential clients to contact me I would be glad to speak to them on your behalf.

Best Regards,

Bram Palm