Beth & I wanted to share our thoughts with you about our experience with your firm while you were designing our new residence over the past few months. First and foremost we wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you have done for us. You were a pleasure to be around both in your home and in ours. It was a wonderful sight for us every time you sent updates on our project from the bubble diagrams to the finished blueprints. Your ability and desire to understand our vision was amazing.

Knowing that we have owned our own business for thirty years you were able to meet all of our needs in the business like fashion that we have tried to employ in our careers over the decades. The skills you demonstrated in dealing with us were a pleasant departure from mainstream architects that we have worked with over the years. You were very well versed in all areas of our design needs and in addition your product knowledge of today’s construction techniques was of great financial benefit to us.

When we first came to you it was obvious to us that your primary goal was to design the home WE wanted, not what you thought we needed. This attitude is precisely the prescription we were looking for. As we are now well into the construction of our home, the ideas and concepts you provided are literally coming to life. Keeping the architectural integrity of your design in place during construction was one of our main goals and you have helped our contractor do this with ease and confidence. We attribute this mainly to the accessibility to you during the construction process that you promised as a part of your service at our initial meeting. Knowing the difficulty of our location you were able to provide solutions to some very unique problems we encountered and as a consequence our home looks to have grown in place naturally.

Mike, as you know, this project was a significant financial event in our lives and we would again like to thank you for your skills and efforts. We will soon be living our dream and are proud to have your name on our magnificent residence.

Don & Beth West
Midlothian, Texas