Michael Rust
1321 W. McNair St.
Chandler, AZ 85224

Dear Mike,

We want to thank you for all that you have done to make our new home a wonderful reality.

Working with you during the entire design process was a pleasure. Your enthusiasm for the project, your great patience with us (our wants and our sometimes dumb questions and ideas) and your incredible architectural vision have all made this a very positive experience for us. This is not the first house we have had built, so we have experienced the style and attitudes of other residential designers and architects – our experience with you was exceptional and pleasurable.

We learned early in the process to trust in your judgment and vision, and have gotten to the point where we seek and value your opinion on many details. Even the builder has developed the same trust (and most builders like to complain about architects) – our builder has told me that he has learned to trust what the plan shows and to follow the plan carefully – if something looks confusing or “odd” on one page, several pages later it becomes clear that you had good reason to design it that way – all the pieces of the puzzle really do fit together..

We sought you out because we were looking for an architect with vision – who could design us a house that will be timeless, will be beautiful decades from now, and will certainly not look like all the other McHouses being built today. You certainly met all of our high expectations and more.

We very much appreciate your ability to achieve a perfect balance of visionary leadership (having the artistic view that we do not) without the overbearing control that Mr. Wright was famous for. You designed the house to meet our wants and needs, always keeping in mind the pragmatism of daily life in the house, always attentive to our feedback, and at the same time you have created a house like no other (we get never-ending ooohs and ahhhs from visitors and contractors, and the house isn’t even finished yet).

We also very much appreciate your ongoing help with all kinds of things well after the design process. We sense that you have your heart in this house as much as we do.

Jan & Jeannette Hinshaw
Prescott, Arizona