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From the master, through the disciples, to the believers – a continuation of organic architecture

Michael Rust is The Organic Architect because of his philosophy that requires architectural design to promote harmony between human habitation and the natural world.

Some call it green architecture. The Frank Lloyd Wright influenced designs created by Michael Rust provides organically designed homes and buildings that have a relationship with the natural surroundings. Everything about the design, whether it’s the windows, floors or furniture, relates to the surrounding environment.

Sustainable Architect

Based in Chandler, Arizona, Michael believes sustainable design architecture must be a work of art – and at the same time – extremely practical. It must serve client needs; be in harmony with its site, climate, and cultural background; and have unique character appropriate to its purpose. Michael Rust Architect delivers quality and takes a long-range approach to design.

The effectiveness of Michael Rust Architect is shown in its management and coordination of its skilled professionals. Michael has expertise in programming and problem solving. Michael also has a track record of designing “signature” projects, both residential and commercial, with each tailored individually to meet client needs for site, budget, schedule, and profitability. Design solutions are suited to specific individual circumstances and Michael personally oversees each project.

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During this initial phase, specific project information is assembled in order to begin the design process, which includes the following. This phase of the process involves conceptualizing a preliminary design based upon the client’s ideas and input.


Prior to starting his own firm, Michael D. Rust worked for Taliesin Architects, the successor firm to Frank Lloyd Wright, which started in 1893. The Taliesin staff included engineers, certified planners, landscape architects, interior designers and an ADA consultant.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence is left throughout the world, particularly in Arizona. Born in 1867, the Wisconsin native dropped out of high school to study civil engineering. He moved to Chicago in 1887 to work for Joseph Lyman Sisbee and .


Residential Design

Michael Rust uses sustainable design and organic architecture to create timeless residences. He blends the indoor and outdoor environments together to create a dwelling that is at home with its natural surroundings.

Michael specializes in taking the owner’s thoughts and accurately putting them on paper, thus creating the dream home people desire. He works within the land lot’s footprint to make the most of views, elevations and natural beauty. Michael strives to maximize the square footage available to create airy living spaces. Once blueprints are drawn, Michael coordinates with the contractors to ensure the design is carried out accurately.

Commercial Design

Sometimes an office space is an extension of a company’s brand. Michael Rust designs signature commercial buildings that help companies stand out. When a four-walled, tilt-up concrete building won’t do, Michael can create a visionary building, a work of art that is practical and functional. Avoiding fads and current fashion, Michael’s projects are designed for the long term and to increase in value.

Michael tailors each project, paying close attention to site, budget, schedule, and profitability. The firm uses state-of-the-art technology and research. Michael specializes in programming and problem-solving. His involvement doesn’t stop when the design is finalized; he oversees the project until completion.

Interior Design Services

Built-ins are an ingenious solution to accommodate many different functions in a condensed space. Although custom furniture and built-ins cost a little more than furniture, a knowledgeable designer knows how to use the right materials to make a project cost effective without sacrificing creativity.

Kitchens and bathrooms require technical and specialized design and an extensive understanding of codes and construction.

Michael Rust assists with functional space planning and guides the client in selecting appropriate appliances, cabinetry, counter tops, and lighting. With great attention to detail as his forte, Michael Rust makes the overwhelming task of designing a kitchen or bath pleasurable and exciting.

Computer Rendering

Communication is the key to how we share ideas and information with one another.  Architects and interior designers can visualize a space in their mind how it will look when completed.  This skill takes years of training and practice.  Most people unless trained in some sort of design field have a hard time visualizing a building or space without some sort of help.  Thus we produce drawings.  Most of the drawings architects create are 2 dimensional flat drawings that show a design but don’t show clearly depth, scale and quality of the material being use.  A photograph is a 3 dimensional image that we all are familiar with and easily understand.  This is because it shows depth, scale, materials and sometimes even color.  Architect’s then created a 3 dimensional tool called a “perspective” which is a drawing that has the same qualities as a photograph.  These are very time consuming to create and once created not easily changed or modified without redrawing the entire image.

With the age of the computer, computer created drawings and the internet, the process of communication has become 1000% better for the clients and architects as well.  The drawing examples shown are the tool that I use to show my clients the overall feeling and quality of the space will be.  These can be emailed and then discussed on the phone and changes made quickly and efficiently. In some cases we can even share ideas over the phone with you on your computer watching in real time the changes being made on my computer.

Not only do these drawings help the clients in visualizing their design, it actually helps the contractor in understanding the quality of the space he is building.  “A picture is worth a thousand words” still applies today.

I can now design anywhere in the world and it is just like being there but easier and less expensive.

What our customer say

I was hesitant to contact Mike because I had a small, relatively low budget project. My house had a large garage that was not that attractive. It was also a focused point, taking away from the attractiveness of the house. To my surprise, Mr. Rust was receptive, kind, funny, and humble. He told me immediately to call him Mike. He came up with a design that was amazing and completely transformed the garage into a cohesive unit with the house. Not only were his rates reasonable, but his work was quick. I couldn’t be happier and have gotten lots of compliments. Working with him was easy and a joy. I highly recommend him for any project.

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I was hesitant to contact Mike because I had a small, relatively low budget project. My house had a large garage that was not that attractive. It was also a focused point, taking away from the attractiveness of the house. To my surprise, Mr. Rust was receptive, kind, funny, and humble. He told me immediately to call him Mike. He came up with a design that was amazing and completely transformed the garage into a cohesive unit with the house. Not only were his rates reasonable, but his work was quick. I couldn’t be happier and have gotten lots of compliments. Working with him was easy and a joy. I highly recommend him for any project. If I build another house he will definitely be my architect

To Whom It May Concern:
In 2010, we decided to have a home designed and constructed that would facilitate and, in fact, enhance, our somewhat unique life style. After interviewing several architects, we selected Michael Rust precisely because he has a demonstrable record of practicing organic architecture whereby he develops for each client a structural design that seamlessly integrates the structure’s form and details with the client’s particular requirements and life style activities. In Mike’s organic architecture, the structure/home becomes an integral part of the resident’s life, facilitating and enhancing every activity.

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Mike, as you know, our interest in Usonian design has intrigued me for years. We wanted a home that was smaller in size, but well appointed with the clean beautiful lines and manipulation of light that FLW captured in his beautiful work. After exhaustive research on the internet, reading several books on Wright and the Usonian concept, we found you on the web.

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Dear Mike:
Just want to drop you a note to thank you for all your help. I know that we came to you with lots of ideas but nothing could have prepared us for the wonderful result…
As you very well know, we were at the tail end of the process and had arrived to a design which was functionally correct but had no aesthetics and more importantly did not fit the site nor our desire for a dream house.

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Dear Mike,

We want to thank you for all that you have done to make our new home a wonderful reality.

Working with you during the entire design process was a pleasure. Your enthusiasm for the project, your great patience with us (our wants and our sometimes dumb questions and ideas) and your incredible architectural vision have all made this a very positive experience for us. This is not the first house we have had built, so we have experienced the style and attitudes of other residential designers and architects – our experience with you was exceptional and pleasurable.

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My wife and I contracted with Mike Rust for the design of a custom home in Ohio. Mike visited the building site with us. We discussed the spaces desired and provided him with some pictures of exterior and interior elements we liked from other houses. After that, Mike completed the entire design process from his office in Arizona. Mike developed an initial design based on the room sizes, etc. that we initially discussed. His understanding of how the various interior spaces flow together and how to bring nature inside was amazing. Mike listened to our vision and crafted that into the design of a home displaying true genius. As the design process progressed, we e-mailed drawings and markups back and forth. He made changes to the design based on our feedback, while at the same providing suggestions on materials from his experience.

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Dear Mike,

I wanted to follow up with you now that our room addition project is complete and tell you how pleased we both are that we were fortunate enough to have had your help in the design of this addition and how well the project flowed throughout construction.

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Dear Mike,
First, we are delighted with our new home. When we began this project Ashley and I had agreed that we liked Frank Lloyd Wright architecture a great deal. We also knew that our local architects were not designing homes like this.

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To whom it may concern,

Recently our church completed construction of our new facility which was designed by Mike Rust, Architect. I’ve done a number of construction projects for my own business and was fully prepared to spend numerous hours with Mike trying to help him come up with ideas to accomplish our design goals with in the constraints of our limited budget.

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Dear Mike:

Although it has been a few months I wanted to follow up with writing to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you and work with you on my ice cream parlor build-out and improvements. Your timely action and professionalism made this project move very smoothly and efficiently. I would like to especially thank you for your “personal” attention, communication and delivery to the City of Glendale for drawing approval!

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Dear Mr. Rust:

Late in 1997, Greta and I saw Life Magazine’s Dream Home for that year and began dreaming of a place to put the Taliesin plan. By early 1998, we had purchased hillside property in a small West Virginia community where we could overlook a rolling valley and enjoy our retirement years. We looked forward to clearing our land and building our home by the end of that, year.

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I wanted to take a moment and tell you what a pleasure it was working with you to design my wonderful usonian retirement home. It has been a dream of mine for years to be able to build and live in such an architecturally interesting house. The design is beyond my expectations and I know I will truly enjoy my retirement living there.

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In the fall of 2007 we decided to remodel our 1977 ranch style home.  We interviewed 4 contactors and architects before deciding on the very personable and precise Michael D. Rust. In our preliminary discussions, Mike was very upfront about improving the value of the home, the creative possibilities to enhance the living within the home, and the costs associated with every step in the design process. The development of the design was precisely as had been described and we progressed smoothly to the point of engaging a contractor to begin the renovation.

I was very satisfied with the professionalism, quality of work, and care Mike displayed throughout our dealings. Having never been through a renovation of this size, Mike took a daunting task and broke it down to more manageable steps. My wife and I were always treated with respect and any questions we had were quickly answered with informed truthfulness. Mike was always available to discuss changes and punctual for all meetings. In short, he was a pleasure to work with on this project. I highly recommend his services and appreciated his exemplary work ethic.

Get the “Right” Plan book!

Thinking about building a home and want some ideas?

Michael Rust has created a book called the Right Plans Collection that features 40 of his best Frank Lloyd Wright floor plans. Floor plans range from 1,600 square feet to 7,000 square feet. This book has 8.5 x 11 colored renderings and floor plans.

Michael is available to make modifications to his existing plans and to provide blueprints on all his designs.

For more information on available floor plans and other questions you might have, please call me direct

Only $79.95

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